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Love-In-Action co-founder Rivera Sun, at a No War In Syria demonstration 2013

Love-In-Action co-founder Rivera Sun, at a No War In Syria demonstration 2013

Can’t find your group? Start one!

Clearly, this list has room for you. In fact, a town or a city can have multiple Love-In-Action groups. For instance, Rivera’s hometown of Taos, NM has many small unincorporated regions around it which could also have Love-In-Action groups. Your local spiritual center or church could host one Love-In-Action group while a nonviolence study group on the other end of town may host another. You can also register your pre-existing group as “part of the Love-In-Action Network”.  The possibilities are endless!

To start a group, simply leave a message for us here. We will contact you shortly to cheer you on, answer questions, and offer some (hopefully) great advice on gathering a group.

Groups by State, Listed Alphabetically

Maine: Auburn/Lewiston, contact Karen Lane
New Mexico: Taos, contact Rivera Sun
Oregon: Salem, contact Brian Heater
California: San Luis Obispo, contact Bob Banner, HopeDance Bob Banner, (805)762-4848.
Washington: Wenatchee, contact Julie Quinn-Huffman

Groups forming in:
North Burnaby, BC, Canada
Baja Norte, Mexico

(Leave a comment if you would like to join one of these groups. Rivera will connect you to each other!)

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  1. Marilyn Helgeson

    Love the name Riviera. I’m south of the border in Baja Norte, Mexico.
    Namaste~ Marilyn

    • Rivera Sun

      Welcome, Marilyn. I’m in New Mexico. (It is isn’t new, and it isn’t Mexico, as the bumper sticker goes.) It is really oh-so-simple and fun to form a Love-In-Action group. Ours had it’s first meeting with home baked cookies, and the second with a guitar and old protest songs. Let me know how I can help. Have you read the Living Charter? (Most of it is completely interesting) Peace, Rivera

    • Catherine Banfill

      Hello Rivera,
      I would love to start a group in Boise, Idaho. We have many “issues” in our conservative state and many, many groups trying to make a difference. Again, I would like to start a group here but find it may be too difficult for me alone to do so. Where/how do I begin? Peace and thanks, Catherine.

      • Rivera Sun

        Dear Catherine, it is very simple and easy to start a group. Do you have one friend who is also interested in studying nonviolent action, discussing the “issues” and gathering for tea and cookies? That’s how our Taos chapter began. Now that there are a few of us consistently showing up, I am sharing the “duties”, such as outreaching to others, assembling a simple discussion plan for each meeting, and sending out emails. Start small, grow organically . . . I will also email you with the contact of someone else in Boise who may be interested. Love, Rivera

        • Genevieve Emerson

          Hi Catherine, We have yet to meet. I live in Boise too and would love to meet sometime for tea. I feel very strongly in support of Rivera’s visit here in April. Would be glad to nurture it along in some way. I can be found on Facebook under “Genevieve Emerson” or at Blessings!

  2. I am very interested in the Love in Action movement. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I have some connection with the Unitarian church and also Episcopal church. I would not be able to lead a group, or travel.
    Is there anyone in my area?
    Thank you.

    • Rivera Sun


      I do not know of anyone in Scotland, but I would love to see groups forming there. I know one person in the UK and one in the Channel Islands who are doing some of this work. Do you have a friend who would be willing to simply invite you and a few others, open his/her house or other public space to a group gathering, and keep an email list? It is really that simple.

      Also, you can also join as yourself. The readings are fascinating, and you can engage with others (like me) via the internet. If you list yourself on the Love-In-Action list, someone from Glasgow might find you and be willing to lead the group. So, there are many options. Thank you for reaching out! Let’s see if we can make something work. I’m delighted to meet you, in word if not in person. Rivera

  3. Again I say, “Bring It On”! This life coach (first female to complete the Ironman Canada in 1983) currently living in North Burnaby, BC Canada. I am anxious to meet up with Love in Action people like you! Check out my website, ’tis a work in progress. Needs your input!

    • Rivera Sun

      Dyane, would you like to be listed as a “group forming” so that others can find you in your area? Your website looks wonderful! You have a great collection of interests and projects, smiling faces and warmth. I think the home page could use a little text on it, but you’re off to a great start. Rivera

    • Hola, Dyane! Amazing to find you here, just now 🙂 How incredible….to think we only had dinner together in Burnaby just 2 weeks ago. Connected, as ever. Blessings xx

  4. I am up to my eyeballs in a ban fracking movement in San Luis Obispo so I know I can’t be the go to person for this movement but want to pass the word around for someone else who could pick the ball up and run with this. just keep me in the loop and will see what i can do to get the word out there.

    • Rivera Sun

      Jeanne, thank you for your good work! We’re also involved in New Mexico’s fracking woes. Mora County, next door to us, was the first county to pass a Community Rights Ordinance, so we in Taos are looking for ways to support them as they are slapped with lawsuits and pressure from Shell. I will list a “San Luis Obispo group forming” on our website, and try to connect people up. Someone will appear. They always do. In gratitude for your work, Rivera

  5. River Johnson

    Hi Rivera Sun,
    We met you today at the Visitor center and the store where you were a Bee:)
    Our family has been working against Monsanto and GMO’s for a while too, so it’d be so nice if we could hook up with your group.
    Our Kids, River and Jordan, wanted to make sure I send you the link to their GMO video. It’s called “Genetically Mortified Organisms”, and they made it for the “Monsanto Video Revolt” last July. You can watch it if you go on u-tube and search for “shineonbeyondschool, GMO”.
    Or the link is
    The Kids would LOVE it if you can use it for your own website.
    We think you are VERY inspiring, and hope we can join up with you sometime.
    In the spirit of a better world,
    Jenny Johnson, Martin Melendez, and River and Jordan

  6. Alexis


    I just finished meandering through your website, reading your living bylaws and I would LOVE to be involved with your network or start a group here in Washington, D.C. Although timing isn’t the best with my life being a bit hectic, I would love to participate in trainings or help to advance the efforts of your group.

    A little about myself; I am a seeker of spiritual truth, student of energy healing, servant of Mother Earth and sustainability professional committed to raising the consciousness of our planet, protecting the Earth’s ecological system and co-creating a world where all can satisfy their innate desire to thrive without impeding on the rights and responsibilities of others. I currently live in Anacostia, which is one of the most undeserved communities in Washington, D.C. I see so much depression, apathy and anger around me-it can be overwhelming sometimes! I badly want to empower others and myself to do something about it and heal ourselves in the process! This group seems like a step in the right direction.

    I have already begun reading some items from your suggested reading list and hope to finish them over the next month. I’m interested in hearing more about what it takes to start a group or how else I can get involved. I appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you for organizing all of this!


    • Rivera Sun

      Dear Alexis,

      Our apologies for the delayed response. It’s been a bit hectic and fantastic at the same time. Starting a group is as simple as printing out a copy of the Charter, gathering a couple of friends, and sitting down to tea, cookies, and conversation. Every group finds its own path. I recommend working together to do a small demonstration to begin with, since it’s tangible, immediate, and generally fun. You can also contact me at rivera (at)

      Here’s to your new group! Rivera

  7. Santa Fe is so near to Taos that it’s a little surprizing to me that one of those blowing dandelion seeds hasn’t germinated here in The City Different. But I can feel a breeze blowing in from the North. And I’m willing to help nurture it when it lands.

    • Rivera Sun

      Hi James! It was great to meet you the other night. From your interest and words, I suspect a Santa Fe group is not long in forming. I’ll be delighted to help in any way that I can. Rivera

  8. barbara kennison

    Enjoyed your workshop in tampa on 1/31/14. Wonderful! I chose organic farming compost and mushrooms. I think I should have picked communication.
    what about a petition and or a demonstration to protest the invitation of netanyahu by congress without consulting Obama. the 98% who elected Obama need to be heard. Nothing much gets done without the people pushing for it.
    Thanks for all you do. barbara

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