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Love-In-Action-logo-2Welcome! We are a network of locally organized, interconnected groups dedicated to nonviolent action. The Love-In-Action Network empowers citizens through education, discussion, and action, providing opportunities to collectively and individually study nonviolent action, and preparing for the necessary struggle to ensure our health, well-being, and a future for humanity.

“You are the ones you’ve been waiting for!”

Join us as we launch the pioneer groups . . .

We are calling into action those whose hearts cry out for justice, and those whose spirits know that the continued survival of our species depends on our concerted efforts now. We call into action those who follow all spiritual paths based in love and those who may not subscribe to an organized faith, but practice compassion in all that they do. We call those who would be Love-In-Action on this Earth to join together in a network of locally organized, interconnected groups that are known collectively as the Love-In-Action Network. Each autonomous, local group of the Love-In-Action Network shall use consensus decision-making processes to decide how and when it shall offer its skills and services toward addressing the myriad issues that we face, working in alliance with other groups to address regional and national issues.

Start a Love-In-Action Group in your town today! Offer your feedback and suggestions in this experimental, energetic phase. Read on to learn more . . .

Each Love-In-Action Group aligns around these Five Focuses:

  • 1) Training in strategic nonviolent struggle, philosophy, strategy, history and techniques.
  • 2) Crafting a vision of the future and creating a roadmap from here to there.
  • 3) Connecting inner work to outer action.
  • 4) Developing teams of people capable of high-level strategic analysis of current problems and of formulating strategic plans of nonviolent action.
  • 5) Strengthening the interconnections of one’s community in preparation for nonviolent struggle and readying local members for participation in national mobilizations.

To read more about the Love-In-Action Network organizations, resources, and how to form your own local chapter, please check out our Living Charter: http://transformingourselves.com/Love-In-Action-Network-w-cl.pdf

If you are interested in becoming a member of our love-in-action network please contact us for more details! We are delighted to have you join us. Thank you for your interest. It is time for us to work together for change. We welcome all members to the Love-In-Action Network. Please contact us with any questions.

Connect on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/685127711519818/
Lokashakti.org: http://www.lokashakti.org/loveinactionnetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/actlovenet @actlovenet
Email: info@risingsundancetheater.com

Love-In-Action Groups in your local community (listed alphabetically).

Please note that there can be multiple groups in one area, especially in larger urban areas. While keeping smaller groups for discussions and scheduling convenience, the multiple groups can also collaborate on actions and larger events.

Lewiston, ME contact: Karen Lane loveinactionmaine@gmail.com
Taos, NM contact: Rivera Sun info@risingsundancetheater.com

Other Readings:
“Being Love In Action” – an essay by Brian Heater http://www.risingsundancetheater.com/wpblog/?p=503

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